Trust Your Life, Write Your Story


Welcome to My Blog

Hi, I’m Tanya – Wife to THE best guy around, and mother of four beautiful souls who own my heart and refrigerator. I love sleeping, reading, hiking in the woods, and cheesecake (I actually have a cheesecake lady.) Best of all, I love to write for extraordinary people like you.

More About Me

This list, although not exhaustive, is a good start to knowing what makes me tick.

  • I dream about being a professional sleeper.
  • Punctuality matters. (Thanks, mom!)
  • Silence is my favorite sound.
  • Walking in the mountains centers me.
  • Motherhood is a “hot mess” I’m humbled by every day.
  • Authenticity takes work.
  • Laughter is THE soul cleanser.
  • Eating cheesecake is ALWAYS a good use of my time.
  • I’m evidence that God has infinite patience.
  • Sam Elliott’s voice is my undoing.
  • I fail a little each day. 
  • I’d hoard books if my family didn’t need room to exist.
  • Selfishness is my biggest weakness.
  • God created peaches, horses, Mexican food, babies, and the color blue solely for my pleasure and enjoyment.
  • Manners are a big deal….USE THEM!
  • I love to out-fish my husband.
  • I WRITE to make RIGHT the life not yet WRITTEN.

I hope this blog inspires you to learn more about yourself, your purpose, your story, and the stretch of your divine influence. If nothing else, I hope your day’s enlightened and inspired in some small way.