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Welcome to My Blog

Hi, I’m Tanya – Wife to THE best guy around, and mother of five beautiful souls who own my heart and refrigerator. I love sleeping, reading, hiking in the woods, and cheesecake (I actually have a cheesecake lady.) Best of all, I get to write for extraordinary people like you. On this blog, I explore what it means to be a broken mama, ways to connect to self, your children, your purpose, and pursuit of perfectly imperfect motherhood.

What You Can Expect

Broken Mama is home to every mom who’s ready for a healthy dose of self-exploration and self-discovery. Together we’ll learn that brokenness is only a state of mind – not a physical, mental, or emotional condition hell-bent on keeping us stuck. Feeling broken in areas of your life is quite normal, wonderfully temporary, and is the greatest life teacher I know.

Through trials we discover that overcoming and strength come by action, emotional muscles that need to pump some iron once in a while. Through weaknesses, (I have many gazillions), we recognize the places in our lives where change, growth, and personal acceptance is necessary. Through doubt and fear we learn what necessary goodness to keep and what unrealistic nonsense to throw out, aligning our purpose, values, and beliefs. In essence, brokenness is a spicy, six-pack, hot-hunky guide which moves our lives toward peace, love, joy, trust, and acceptance. All healthy goals that create healthier, happier moms.

Each week I will share a blog post delving into how to change from brokenness to wholeness one moment at a time. It’s my hope that through my personal experiences and insights, you too will unearth the woman and mother God created you to be.

More About Me

This list, although not exhaustive, is a good start to knowing what makes me tick.

  • I dream about being a professional sleeper.
  • Punctuality matters. (Thanks, mom!)
  • Silence is my favorite sound.
  • Walking in the mountains centers me.
  • Motherhood is a “hot mess” I’m humbled by every day.
  • Authenticity takes work.
  • Laughter is THE soul cleanser.
  • Eating cheesecake is ALWAYS a good use of my time.
  • I’m evidence that God has infinite patience.
  • Sam Elliott’s voice is my undoing.
  • I fail a little each day. 
  • I’d hoard books if my family didn’t need room to exist.
  • Selfishness is my biggest weakness.
  • God created peaches, horses, Mexican food, babies, and the color blue solely for my pleasure and enjoyment.
  • Manners are a big deal….USE THEM!
  • I secretly love to out-fish my husband.



This blog is my base camp, and the best way to stay connected with me. You can also find me @:

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I hope this blog inspires you to learn more about yourself, your purpose, and the stretch of your divine influence as a mother. If nothing else, I hope your day’s enlightened and inspired in some small way.

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