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Mama Faves Debut

I’m so excited to share with you some of my favorite things. These include mama hacks, recipes, books, product reviews, and more. All to make your mama life easier and better. If everything goes as planned, which it always never does, I’ll post a new find every Wednesday. Just a little something to help you get through the week.

Let’s do this!

For the past year, our dishwasher has done nothing but take up space under the counter. It mocks our teenagers every time they enter the kitchen. Honestly, that’s my favorite part! 

Our children deem us borderline abusive. I like to call it good old fashion parenting. Those lucky little whippersnappers get to wash the dishes by hand.

Oh the HORROR!

Is that even legal?

You bet it is! It’s also good for them. I assure you, they’re still breathing. 

Until the dishwasher fairy brings us a new one, our cherubs will continue down this harrowing, dish-washing path of no return.

  • They will complain.
  • They will beg to use the dishwasher “just for tonight.”
  • They will lose their eyeballs to the back of their heads.

But maybe they’ll come to appreciate how good they had it before the dishwasher died.

My kids hate drying the dishes! It ranks right up there next to running out of cold cereal. Can’t blame them. Our old kitchen towels couldn’t dry a dish in the Moab desert. Damp bowls, plates, and cups have graced our cupboards long enough. This mama is done with that nonsense. Have you ever smelled a wet cup placed on top of another wet cup and left to fester? Can you say sour milk?


It was time for new and improved kitchen towels.

Let me tell ya mamas, I hit the jackpot! These Pioneer Woman kitchen towels will rock your world! In my opinion, there are none out there that even compares. Trust me, I’ve tried a few.

Just one of these bad boys can dry a sink load of dishes in no time. In fact, if this kitchen towel could talk, it’d be sayin…“Is that all you’ve got?”

I found these beauties at Walmart. They’re the perfect size, all cotton, come four in a pack, and are pretty to look at.

Win, win!

*Mama Fave Takeaway*  If you want your kids to learn to appreciate modern day conveniences, go back to the basics for a time. Fill a sink full of dirty dishes, get their hands busy, and reward them with the cadillac of all kitchen towels.

One day they may thank you!


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